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Bathroom Shutters

Why choose Waterproof uPVC Window Shutters?

A stylish, yet functional accessory, suitable all year round, waterproof window shutters are the perfect choice for your bathroom. Unlike other window coverings such as pull-down blinds which can easily become damp in humid conditions and cause a build-up of mildew resulting in permanent damage, our waterproof shutters are durable, easy to maintain and keep clean, and offer a more elegant alternative to traditional window dressings. 

In addition to being hard wearing and stylish, our bathroom window uPVC shutters also offer complete light control without compromising your privacy by allowing light to come through when the slats are tilted.

Which material is best for bathroom shutters?

Here at Shutters Design, we use our special composite blend for our waterproof window uPVC shutters.

Its increased resistance in high-moisture environments combined with its heat insulation properties and our peel-resistant waterproof paint for increased durability make it the perfect choice for any bathroom window shutters.

Are bathroom window shutters easy to measure and install?


Just like the rest of our waterproof window uPVC shutters for bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms our bathroom window shutters are easy to measure and fit.

Our team will provide you with the perfect quote based on your measurements and our installation team will install your window shutters at your earliest convenience.