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Window Shutters Design



Security Aluminum Shutters

Our protective blinds are made of aluminium with a steel insert and have a compact locking system that protects windows and doors like no other security system of this type. Plantation Security aluminium shutters provide the ultimate security for your home while not compromising on style. All of the Window Shutters can be customised to your preference, colour, shape, hardware and finish.

Aluminum Window Shutters

Aluminium is the strongest option for the windows or door shutter material that we have in our range. Metal plantation shutters can be expensive, but they serve as a strong deterrent against criminal activities, as they provide total privacy and increase the security of homes. In the winter season, the metal window shutters effectively insulate living spaces and help you reduce heating costs.

Choose aluminium for the strongest and most reliable option for your window and door shutters. While metal plantation shutters may have a higher initial cost, their benefits far outweigh the expense. These shutters provide exceptional security, acting as a powerful deterrent against intruders and ensuring total privacy for your home. Additionally, they offer excellent insulation during the winter months, helping you reduce heating costs and maintain a cosy living space.

Shutters Design Aluminium Description

Our aluminium shutters stand out with their variety of models and features, available in six stylish color palettes. They are fully adjustable and can be seamlessly mounted on almost any plantation window or door.

Personalize your aluminium window shutters or door shutters to match your unique preferences and enhance the security and aesthetic of your home. Invest in the best with our customizable aluminium shutters