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Plantation Shutters - Materials

Whether they are plantation shutters or you are looking for bay window shutters, full height blackout shutters, tier on tier shutters or café style, our shutter installation service is the best in town. 

Our protective blinds are made of aluminium with a steel insert and have a compact locking system that provides protection for windows and doors like no other security system of this type.

Wooden Shutters

Nothing will look as elegant as classic wooden shutters, a fabulous investment in your home and the smart choice for modern design and versatility.


Polycomposite Shutters

Our waterproof shutters are an innovative design for traditional wooden shutters. Their coating prevents cracks, splinters and peels and helps them last a long time. 

Aluminium Shutters

Combining the design of plantation shutters with innovative security, aluminium shutters provide the ultimate safety feature for your home. 

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