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With so many other benefits, such as being moisture-resistant, fire-resistant and impervious to termites; no doubt the ultimate durability of the Faux Wood Shutters stands the test of time over any other window covering. They even come with a 10 Year Warranty. Whether building a new home or diving into a  home improvement project, such as replacing old window coverings, be sure to upgrade with Faux Wood Shutters and take your renovation to the next level.

Composite Shutters are a luxury alternative to traditional wooden shutters and are virtually maintenance-free. They are made of an advanced polyresin compound and bring elegance to any interior with their soft lustre, giving the appearance of a freshly painted shutter, which will last for years to come.
The entire range of Faux Wood Shutters is designed with safety in mind for both young children and pets.

Plantation Shutters are unequivocally an ideal investment for those seeking to leverage longevity, turn-key functionality and grand aesthetic with premium style versatility to complement any interior decor.

But a feature that especially differentiates Faux Wood Shutter blinds from other plantation shutters and any other window covering is the insulation system of the Faux Wood Shutters. This treatment for window shutters is specially designed to maximize energy efficiency in any given space, leaving more time than traditional wooden window shutters and insulating 70% more efficiently.

That’s why we use Faux Wood Waterproof in our bathroom, kitchen or rooms, giving your window shutters the same luxurious feel and look of hardwood, without compromising on durability or style.


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bathroom window shutters


Moisture resistant & impervious to termites.

Weatherproof, no cracks, chips, no peeling and it lasts for a long time.


Synthetic Material, No harm to the environment and support ecological sustainability.

Water-based paint, user friendly.

Cordless & Children Safety.

Energy efficiency:

Greater than any other window treatment: up to 70% more than traditional wood shutters.

Maintainance Free and Easy Cleaning.