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We are a locally-owned business specializing in premium UK-made window shutters, proudly serving the South West London community. Our family-run operation is fueled by passion and dedication, ensuring the highest quality products for your windows. Experience the warmth of our personalized service and benefit from competitive prices for custom window shutter installations.

Explore our handcrafted interior shutter collection to find the ideal style for your home in the UK. Our diverse range includes sophisticated Full-Height Shutters, flexible Tier-on-Tier Shutters, trendy Cafe-Style Shutters, timeless Solid Panel Shutters, and efficient Tracked Shutters. Meticulously crafted to your specifications, our shutters seamlessly blend style and functionality, enhancing any space. Elevate your home’s aesthetic with our bespoke shutters.

Choose Between The Durability Of Faux Wood And The Natural Elegance Of Hardwood.

Hardwood Shutters

Radiating natural charm, our window shutters are meticulously crafted from premium hardwood. Backed by a robust 10-year warranty, these interior shutters boast a swift turnaround time of approximately 8 weeks, all proudly manufactured in the UK.

tier on tier shutters design

Faux Wood Shutters

Designed for enduring quality, our shutters are backed by a reassuring 10-year warranty, providing you with complete peace of mind. Experience a prompt turnaround within 4 weeks for these stylish, modern window shutters, meticulously crafted in the UK.

Discover the ultimate benefits of window treatments with our advanced shutter blinds.

  • Noise Reduction: Immerse yourself in tranquillity as our blinds effectively muffle outdoor sounds, creating a peaceful interior.
  • Elegant Design: Elevate your living space with our diverse selection of designs, seamlessly enhancing any home decor style.
  • Light Control: Tailor your surroundings to perfection with adjustable slats, allowing you to achieve optimal control over natural light.
  • Custom Fit: Ensure a flawless fit for every window in your home, as our blinds are meticulously measured for precision.
  • Energy Efficiency: Cut down on energy costs by regulating indoor temperatures with our energy-efficient blinds.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Personalize your privacy with ease using our blinds’ adjustable slats, allowing you to create the perfect level of seclusion.
  • Durable Material: Experience lasting performance with our blinds crafted from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and resilience.
  • Easy Maintenance: Maintain a pristine look effortlessly with our blinds, designed for simple cleaning and maintenance.

Our extensive selection includes bedroom shutters for superior light management, kitchen shutters and bathroom shutters engineered to withstand condensation and elegant living room shutters. With our expertise in installing shutters, every room in your home can undergo a remarkable transformation regardless of the chosen style.

At Shutters Design, we specialise in crafting made-to-measure shutters that seamlessly fit any room in your home. From waterproof composite shutters to hardwood shutters, our product range is versatile, enabling you to create a room that matches your style and preferences.

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