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Our plantation bay window shutters are available in all of our product ranges. They come in a variety of materials and styles that are customizable to fit your needs and complement your bay window beautifully. In comparison to other options and considering their expected lifespan, window shutters are actually quite affordable.

Adding plantation bay windows to your home

Custom window shutters are the perfect complement to bay windows. We can design and install bay window shutters for all shapes, including curved bows, boxes, and oriel windows, with our high-quality craftsmanship expertise. Our bay window shutters and all of our shutters are priced based on the window’s overall size and the shutter’s material.

When you compare window shutters to your alternative options and consider how long they are expected to last, they are not expensive at all. Window shutters are also the most efficient from a thermal point of view.

Bay window shutters offer several advantages when installed.

Considering bay windows have a long line of glass, they may lose more heat from the room than other types of windows. Plantation shutters provide an added level of heat insulation for your house and provide an additional barrier against heat loss. It is also possible to keep the living area cool during the summer by using window shutters.

You can increase your house’s insulation efficiency with the help of plantation shutters, since they provide an additional barrier against heat loss. As a result, they block out direct sunlight while still allowing air to flow through. As well as looking great from the inside, shutters for bay windows look great from the outside as well.

Plantation shutters are considered to be the most effective treatment for bay windows.

Our bay window shutters are available in all our product ranges and in different materials and styles. The bay window shutters can be used in all spaces but are primarily used for living rooms and bedrooms, where privacy and light intensity are most important.

The shutters we offer will complement your bay window beautifully, and our team of surveyors and fitters will help you find the best solution for your window. If you book an appointment today, we can recommend the best bay window shutters for your home with a free survey and installation.

Explore our extensive selection of colours and finishes, catering to all tastes. Whether you desire a bold and vibrant look or prefer a more subtle and understated aesthetic, we have options for every preference. Our finish choices encompass glossy, matte and everything in between, ensuring you’ll discover the ideal match for your project. 

Bay Window Shutters Benefits

Bay Window Shutters, also known as tier-on-tier shutters, offer a number of benefits for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Some of the benefits of bay window shutters include:

  1. Privacy: Bay window shutters allow you to control the level of privacy in a room by adjusting the top and bottom panels independently. You can open the top panels to let in light while keeping the bottom panels closed for privacy.

  2. Light control: In addition to providing privacy, bay window shutters allow you to control the amount of light that enters a room by adjusting the panels. You can open the panels to let in more light or close them to block out light.

  3. Insulation: Bay window shutters help insulate a room by blocking drafts and trapping heat in the winter. This can help reduce your energy bills and keep your home more comfortable.

  4. Durability: Bay window shutters are typically made from high-quality materials, such as wood or synthetic materials, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

  5. Aesthetics: Bay window shutters add a classic, elegant look to any room and can be customised to match your home’s decor.

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