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Bedroom Shutters

The bedroom is your safe haven and your best friend after a long and busy day. Let our bedroom shutters provide you with natural light and ensure you’re happy and energized every morning.

Why choose bedroom window shutters?

Bedroom shutters offer many benefits, making them the ideal choice over other window coverings.

Shutters effortlessly offer you a sense of privacy at any time of the day, without having to pull down blinds or close curtains and without having to compromise on letting light in.

Additionally, bedroom window shutters also make for the perfect choice as the slats make it easy for air to flow through and give you excellent ventilation during hot summer evenings.

Do shutters make the room completely dark?


Shutters themselves never completely blackout your room, due to the design of the frame which leaves a gap in order for the louvres to move swiftly however, there is a way to make a room completely dark.

If you want ultimate privacy day or night or you need complete darkness to sleep, here at Shutters Design we offer darkening blinds made of a cellular honeycomb structure, which is inserted in the shutter frame and offers complete darkness day or night.