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There are two main types of plantation shutters: wood and composite. Wood is an excellent insulator because its cellular structure contains air pockets that trap heat. Choosing the right shutter blind for your home is not costly, and if they are properly cared for, they can last for many years. Of the types of shutters tested, composite shutters were found to be the most effective of the popular window coverings, followed by wooden shutters.

New recent studies have found that closing shutters could be just as effective as installing double glazing. Research suggests that instead of installing expensive new windows, window shutters would be an appropriate method for maintaining the traditional design of these structures. Plantation window shutters can provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to double glazing, without affecting the appearance of the house or causing inconvenience.

By installing classic, elegant, vintage wooden shutters, the beauty and character of your windows and overall property are preserved, if not enhanced. In addition, energy and money are saved, and the environment and the homeowner’s budget benefit accordingly. Visit our Shutters Design website to learn more about how you can install your money-saving plantation shutters for keeping your home warm.

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