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Window Shutters in Wandsworth

Customize Your Window Shutters As You Wish. We have the best prices for wooden stylish window shutters perfectly designed for your home.

Shutters Design offers bespoke plantation shutters in Wandsworth and the surrounding areas.

We don’t only present you with a premium custom product, our shutter specialists also provide High-Quality Services, ranging from the Free Quote Evaluation to the Quick and Easy shutter installation by our experts, to fulfil all of your needs.

Whether they are plantation shutters or you are looking for bay window shutters, bi-fold shutters, full height blackout blinds shutters, tier on tier shutters or café style, our shutter installation service is the best in town. You will surely get the best wooden shutters or pvc shutters for windows.

We offer professional services for the design and installation of all selected window shutters within 6 weeks. Our customers can confirm this.

Shutters Design Style

Wooden Shutters

Premium materials for Wooden Window Shutters at Affordable Prices. Each of these materials for window shutters offers certain advantages and unique looks made to fit your home. We pride ourselves on providing a quality bespoke British made product. Everything about your Wooden Shutters can be customised according to your preferences, choice of movement, colour, shape, hardware and finish.

Waterproof Shutters

Polywood Waterproof Shutters are the ideal solution to sustain high levels of humidity and moisture. Whether building a new home or diving into a home improvement project, such as replacing old window coverings, be sure to upgrade with Polywood Shutter and take your renovation to the next level.

Aluminium Shutters

Everything about your Aluminum Shutters can be customized according to your preferences. They are distinguished by the variety of models and features, are made entirely of strong aluminum, are fully adjustable and can be mounted on almost any window and door.

10 year warranty

Polywood Waterproof Shutters stands the test of time over any other window covering. We offer a 10 year warranty for window shutters in Wandsworth.

Why choose bay window shutters?
Bay Window Shutters are the perfect covering for your bay window, as they effortlessly give your home a more sophisticated look while improving the value of your property, and also allowing for ultimate privacy and letting light come through when the slats are tilted. In addition to that, plantation shutters insulate up to 70% more heat than traditional window coverings, making bay window shutters the ideal option for your home.
Why choose bedroom shutters?

Bedroom Shutters offer many benefits, making them the ideal choice over other window coverings. Window shutters effortlessly offer you a sense of privacy at any time of the day, without having to pull down blinds or close curtains and without having to compromise on letting light in. Additionally, plantation shutters also make for the perfect choice as the slats make it easy for air to flow through and give you excellent ventilation during hot summer evenings.

Why choose bathroom shutters?

A stylish, yet functional accessory, suitable all year round, Waterproof Shutters are the perfect choice for your bathroom or kitchen. Unlike other window coverings such as pull-down shutter blinds which can easily become damp in humid conditions and cause a build-up of mildew resulting in permanent damage, our Waterproof Window Shutters are durable, easy to maintain and keep clean, and offer a more elegant alternative to traditional window dressings.