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Hot days are yet to be expected all across Europe and the UK, with temperatures that will exceed 35 degrees Celsius in the shade and severe thermal discomfort. In addition to the advice of doctors not to go out in the sun during the critical hours of the afternoon, it is also good to know how you can cool the house, in order to get over this summer days more easily.

Fans can be excellent solution to avoid unbearable indoor temperatures when positioned correctly. It is ideal to place the fan in front of an open window, preferably located on the north side of the house, to create a cooling air flow. In addition, always pay attention to how the temperatures inside compare to those outside: once it’s warmer outside, close the windows and the doors to keep the cooler air inside the house. The reverse also applies: ventilate well in the morning and evening so that a cooler air flow enters the home.

Close the curtains and blinds on the windows to stop too much sun from entering the house. If you have shutters, so much the better. If not, you can improvise if necessary: ​​cover the windows with a denser material that will not allow the sun’s rays to enter the house.

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Any source that generates heat will add extra heat to your home, even your hair dryer. Thus, cooking on hot summer days becomes excruciating. You need to look for the best option for you, such as a nutritious salad, the preparation of which does not require turning on the stove. However, if you must use the oven, it would be best to do so early in the afternoon, before the temperatures become unbearable.

Another trick is to let wet clothes dry indoors. Moreover, wearing a wet cotton t-shirt will make your day easier, according to experts.

Loose clothing is highly recommended, and if made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen, the fabric is more breathable. Biodegradable fiber fabric absorbs sweat better and helps air circulate around the body.

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Water should be your friend especially during the heatwave, but there are other refreshing drinks to quench your thirst. A cold or hot peppermint drink is great for cooling down, as the natural menthol stimulates cold receptors in the body.

One of the struggles with the heat wave is that it’s hard to keep your energy and motivation levels up, when at home. To make your work easier, start the day earlier, making the most of the cool hours and sleep earlier. You can also do physical exercises, essential to avoid feeling sluggish. Be active between 7.00 and 9.00!

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