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Buildings dedicated to education need light management in all their facilities. Currently, one may find on the European market a huge offer – from textile blinds, shutters with high-performance materials  and all sorts of different options for better light management with the same shutter. We offer you a multitude of shading solutions for school windows both in classrooms and for the following rooms:

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Different interior shutters for schools and universities, different benefits

Shutters are the most suitable in classrooms where the goal is to filter light and UV rays, but also when screens are used and the sun’s rays are disturbing. They contribute to creating the best environment for learning and concentration. When you use shutters to filter the light, you protect the students from the sun and heat. Using blackout blinds creates the perfect environment for viewing audio-visual learning materials.

When shutters are customized, they can be used in any room or on all the windows of a school.  For classrooms, you’ll want to block the glare from the sun so that students can easily see what the teacher is presenting without being disturbed or tired. Reducing the visible light in the classroom makes it possible to present projects on screens and projectors without glare and without darkening the entire classroom. It also allows teachers to see students and make sure they are engaged in class lessons.


Schools have a wide range of tasks and activities, which dictate the durability and functionality required for shutters. Customized shutters are suitable for offices or administrative areas, in scientific laboratories that require the use of special equipment and note-taking, but also for darkening the auditorium. It also works well for video and media presentations in cafeterias or gyms, as well as in music and art rooms, to prevent damage to instruments and artwork from UV rays. Shutters can create the right amount of light for comfortable reading conditions in a library.

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Sometimes, the atmosphere in a classroom is not appropriate for learning due to some factors, namely the orientation of the building itself and the use of large windows. The best way to address these issues is to use shutters. These solutions offer the best ambience for viewing media and multi-functional activities due to the complete light control.

Do you want to save energy costs for your school? Shutters control the internal temperatures by blocking the weather from the outside. This will make your students comfortable and focused on the task they have to perform. Nothing is worse than trying to learn when it’s too hot or too cold. The wrong temperature can make it difficult for anyone to concentrate. One of the great things about shutters is that there are options that allow you to block out extreme heat or cold. 

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Easy to clean and available in various colors; cafe style shutters  are a popular choice in most schools and universities. They are durable, and the colors will not fade – these horizontal shutters are very reasonably priced.

The right shutters will allow you to control the correct amount of natural light that enters the room, regardless of the special type of function or the specific style. It will also create an environment proper for concentration and learning. When you install shutters on classroom windows, you ensure low electricity costs for your educational institute. Your students will benefit from this. The extra savings can be used to improve their future. By building a fun, safe and new learning environment for students, you provide them with opportunities to become better versions of themselves.

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